Santorini, Greece is our first and main location for photoshoots since our first ever photoshoots took part right here.

Despite the fact that Santorini is associated mainly with white cliff houses and blue domes, there are many beautiful and very unusual locations for your photoshoot. The average tourist is usually only familiar with Oia, which is already oversaturated with tourists. But what about the peaceful but no less (and maybe even more?) beautiful Imerovigli? What about the beaches for every taste: Vlyhada with Martian landscapes, Colombos with black sand and an unusual rock, the Red beach? Tiny, little-known villages of the island can also amaze with their beauty even more than those well-knowns paths fully explored by tourists! Below you can see the recommended locations for photoshoots with our comments on each of them.


Attention please! A lot of the places shown in our photos in the portfolio are private properties and are not available to everyone. SantoriniDress Team is not responsible for access to such areas. If you want to take a photo in a specific place, please contact our manager in advance, and we will be able to answer you about the possibility or impossibility of getting to a specific point.

If the photo was taken on the territory of the hotel, then most often you can get there only as their guest and having warned about the desire to shoot. Please take care of this in advance.

We receive a lot of questions regarding the best time for a photoshoot. Here you can see the answer with photo examples and  decide what works best for you:

In the morning the lighting has a higher contrast so all the colours look brighter and more saturated. The sky also looks more blue and all other colours pop too!  There is also a minus in it: for those who have sensitive eyes it's often hard to look at the camera without blinking or sometimes even to open eyes since the sun is often too bright and white buildings also reflect the light. We suggest to prepare a pair of sunglasses for it.

In the afternoon before the sunset the lighting is milder. The sun is lower and when you are making pictures with the caldera and sea background it stays behind, so you don’t get shadows on your face and it’s easier to look into the camera with fully opened eyes and without blinking.
Also, if the weather is good, sunset pictures is an amazing idea since it's always a special golden time of the day.

Please see the examples below:

Morning photoshoots:

Evening photoshoots:

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