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Amazing flying dress photoshoots in Santorini, Dubai, Italy, and Mexico


Santorini is one of the most magnificent places on the planet. We use our unique style and offer the best quality of pictures and a wide range of original flying dresses for rental

flying dress photoshoot

Santorini Flying Dress Photoshoot

Our main destinations

Please check our main destinations where we make photoshoots here:

Welcome to the exciting world of elegance, dreams, and unforgettable moments. We are glad to welcome you to the page where every photo session turns into an enchanting adventure, and every photo becomes a masterpiece. Santorinidress is not just a rental service, and it is a philosophy of awakening the natural beauty and inner world of each of us. A separately presented dress is like a separate narrative that we open against the background of incredible places of this world.

Sometimes we do the impossible - we turn your fantasies into reality. Discover the exciting possibilities of the shot, which can transport you to the world of dreams and amazing images thanks to the flying dress. Discover unexpected horizons in the field of professional photography, which has become an exciting art, thanks to the combination of beauty, technique, and unforgettable experience. Our Santorini flying dresses are an absolute masterpiece, thanks to which every frame is intertwined with emotions and expressiveness.

The art of flowy dress is closely intertwined with the horizon and the photoshoot landscape

Our company was created more than seven years ago to satisfy the most desired women’s wishes. Our team started working on the concept of photoshoots in flying dresses even before it became mainstream. We were pioneers in this direction and have a registered trademark. Our Santorini Dress team creates incredible looks for photoshoots in the most famous hotels and establishments worldwide. Thanks to your cooperation with us, you will have the opportunity to shoot in the most luxurious places on our planet.

A photo session of a dress with a voluminous, falling hem quickly became a trend that is unlikely to lose its relevance. Every girl should feel like a queen through the lens of the best Santorini photographers in such a luxurious way at least once. And even better, take amazing photos in the best places in the world to remember for a lifetime.

Regardless of whether you dream of vacationing on the luxurious beaches of the Maldives or want to feel the incredible spirit of history on the streets of Italy, we will bring unforgettable emotions to every trip. Our team of specialists skillfully combines professionalism and creativity, helping clients create a magical image – a flying dress for a photoshoot. We work on every detail, from location selection to outfit preparation, to ensure the perfect shot.

A specialty of our company is the Flying Dress. This is more than just an ordinary dress. This is a real art. Your Santorini photoshoot will resemble a magical and light show where you will become part of an aerial image floating in the sky. Each picture will be expressive and unpredictable thanks to the elegance of movement and harmony of forms.

We started to realize photoshoots from the Greek island of Santorini, where the harmony of the sea and air is perfectly combined with the raised plumes of royal dresses. We operate in other countries, including Italy, UAE, and Mexico.

Would you like to capture the best moments in the flying dress image in the pictures of a professional photo shoot?

The majesty of Santorini in Greece, the luxury of Dubai, and the exoticism of the Maldives are just some of the places we are ready to work with you. We shoot in historical sites, famous squares of Italy, and the charming streets of Tulum. The choice is yours, and we will do our best to ensure unforgettable moments and unsurpassed quality of flowing dress photoshoots.

Are you going on vacation to Greece? Then, for example, on the island of Santorini, we can organize a photo shoot on a yacht with mesmerizing landscapes, at sunset in Oia or against the backdrop of the Nea Kamini volcano, on Perissa beach with black sand made of volcanic minerals or on Red Beach or Kamari. Shooting in the Art Space gallery, the Greek fishing port of Ammoudi, and the enchanting view of The Charming Prophet Elias Monastery will be atmospheric. There are hundreds of ideas and suitable places. You can consult with our manager on the Santorini Dress website to make the right choice. The shooting will be carried out taking into account your character, location, preferences, weather, etc.

If your favorite destination is Dubai, we can provide the perfect outfit that will emphasize the shooting style, the atmosphere of the shot, and the scenery in the background. Fantastic photography in flying dress can be done against the backdrop of the tallest building in the world - Burj Khalifa. Its observation deck offers an incredible, breathtaking view of the entire city. Spectacular attractions include the Museum of the Future, Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, Dubai Fountain, Global Village, Dubai Miracle Garden, Dubai Garden Glow, Ain Dubai, and many others.

Realize the dream of a magical image in a bright place of the world stylishly and elegantly


Let your fantasies take you to the sky, and our private flying dress photoshoot rental team in Santorini will help you realize the idea and save the fantastic moment forever. We are proud to be a part of your travel story and make it unique. Trust us with your dreams, and we will give you an unforgettable experience filled with emotions, beauty, and artistry.

Dozens of luxurious handmade Santorini flying dresses for photoshoots from the Santorini brand are available for rent. We think over the design ourselves and create precisely the best models to work with. Achieving a stunning visual effect and feeling like fluttering in the air is easy. The models are ideal for any figure. Please familiarize yourself with our catalog and choose the one that, in your opinion, best emphasizes your character, style, and wishes.

Learn more about the terms of cooperation. Santorini dress rental is only available with photographer services. The chosen outfit can be changed at least 24 hours before the scheduled shooting time. If you can't choose one option online, you can order a selection of models at your appointment or at your hotel for an additional fee. Please note that the choice must be made by two days before the photo session! We prepare (clean and iron) each product before renting. Delivery to the location of the photo session is free.

Join us on a journey into the incredible world of photo art, where you will become the protagonist of a unique story. Thanks to a flying dress photoshoot in Santorini, we will turn your dreams into reality and ordinary photos into masterpieces.

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