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Amazing flying dress photoshoots in Santorini, Dubai, Italy, and Mexico


Santorini is one of the most magnificent places on the planet. We use our unique style and offer the best quality of pictures and a wide range of original flying dresses for rental

flying dress photoshoot

Our main destinations

Please check our main destinations where we make photoshoots here:

Flying Dress Photoshoot in Santorini


Flowing luxurious dresses against the backdrop of majestic mountains or emerald sea surface – have you imagined this beauty? Now imagine you posing in a stunning location dressed as a real queen. Does it seem incredible? But it is completely real. Our project Santorini Dress is a unique and patented idea for shooting. Luxurious flying dresses and amazing landscapes of Santorini, Italy, Dubai, Maldives, or Mexico - a win-win combo for unforgettable photos.
Having made hundreds of various photo shoots, we have found a highlight in the combination of the unsurpassed beauty of nature and the light-flowing fabric of royal dresses. Do you dream of an unusual shooting and the image of a princess? Then, a flying dress photoshoot will be a pleasant experience. The pictures will remain a valuable archive that presently captures your charm and nature.

The best photographers and complete service for successful shooting 

Conducting a flying dress photo shoot, we take care of all the organizational matters and guarantee a pleasant shooting process surrounded by professionals. The points that await you:

  • A massive range of dresses for every taste and body type. All outfits are light and flying but different in color, style, and texture. Choose pastel tenderness or defiant glamour. It will not be challenging to choose a model for a pregnant girl or of a larger physique;

  •  The best locations are in Santorini, Italy, Dubai, or Mexico. We work in this area and will offer a large selection of sites in each of them. We have explored many famous tourist places and discovered some that few people know about. You will be able to choose a location for any shooting concept;

  •  Work with professionals in their field and stunning photography as a result. Our photographers are not just experienced, creative and talented. They know how to work with this type of shooting and best take a shot to show the greatness of the location, present the model and dress in a winning light and demonstrate the concept of a photo shoot.

Have you already come up with your image in a flowy dress? 

The Santorini Dress project is not only about portrait photo shoots of girls. With such an idea, you can easily make group shootings (friends, sisters, mothers with daughters) and family (with a husband and a child). You can see examples of our work and get some ideas in the portfolio. We will bring the dress to the location, provide a private photographer in Santorini or Dubai, and help with other organizational issues and image preparation. So we organize a photo session quickly and professionally, whether it's a spontaneous trip to one of the countries we operate in or an opportunity you've been dreaming of for a long time. Contact us. 

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