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Flying Dress Photoshoot Price

Do you dream of a professional shooting in a royal image against stunning landscapes? How about a flying dress in the white sands of Santorini or among the ancient architecture of Italy? This is a good idea for a portrait, love story, or family photo shoot. Unique natural or architectural city sights will become the base for vivid shots, and your airy image will complement the beauty of the location. We provide photography services in Santorini, Italy, Dubai, and Mexico. Choose your best shooting location, and we'll cover the rest.

Photography every girl dreams of 

The flying dress photoshoot price is not comparable with the value of the pictures taken. These are memorable photos for life, in which your beauty is caught in a single moment along with natural beauty. Emotions after the photo shoot and the quality of the pictures cover any costs. However, prices are also worth talking about.

We offer several packages depending on the wishes and possibilities of the client. For example, the Basic package includes an hour of shooting at the selected location without renting a dress (this will be paid separately). You can also consider options with several dresses for changing looks, the services of a stylist, an assistant, a transfer, and preparing a video for Instagram. There are offers for every request. We guarantee first-class service in organizational aspects and compliance with the price with the quality of the photographer's work and the entire team. In addition, you can evaluate the skill level of photographers in the portfolio and get inspired for your shooting.

Our responsibilities include selecting locations, images, styles, and concepts. It is carried out in maximum coordination with your desires. As a result, we will be able to realize your dream of shooting at sunset somewhere on the seashore or of a bright, sunny photo shoot against the backdrop of an emerald water surface.

How to calculate the cost?

All prices for a Santorini Dress photoshoot are indicated in the appropriate section of the site. In addition, there is a rental price for each dress in the catalog. Think about how you see the shooting and what services you need, and we will calculate everything and offer options. Whether it's a memorable trip to a new country for a photo shoot or a spontaneous idea while on vacation, you won't regret your decision. It will be a wonderful experience and amazing pictures that will decorate your photo archives. Contact us to discuss details. 

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