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Long Dress Photoshoot. How to Take Beautiful Dresses Pictures

When planning your long-awaited flying dress photoshoot in Santorini, bear in mind two significant factors. PRO: you are the boss, so it is up to you what and how to choose. And that takes us to the CON: you make every decision in arranging this flying dress photoshoot from the very beginning. Yes, you may already have some great ideas in mind. Yet, the idea is not a plan. And as it runs out, preparing for your cherished professional Santorini flying dress photoshoot is just as crucial as the photoshoot itself.

To make sure your flowing dress photoshoot goes smooth and you get those perfect Santorini dress pictures, we have come up with a great checklist of what to DO and (what is even more crucial) what NOT to DO on your way to this unforgettable experience.

1. “Everything’s under control”

DO: Prepare, plan and predict. These 3 “P”s will save your resources and ensure the best outcome of your flying dress photoshoot. Improvisation is good when you are already posing at the location after the rest is taken care of. So, what not to miss on your checklist? Think of the following in advance:

  • the occasion you wish to celebrate and the concept of your Santorini photoshoot (what and how you wish to be done);

  • the flying dress (or a number of those if you plan to change outfits);

  • the flying dress photoshoot locations (in what ways a particular spot may compliment your occasion, your look, and you as the star of your Santorini flying dress photoshoot);

  • flying dress poses (don’t underestimate a little practicing at home as non-models usually need some tips to look fabulous, natural, and confident in the flowing dress photoshoot);

  • the professional team you hire for styling, makeup, and photography (to make sure all the previous efforts are not in vain in search of perfect Santorini dress pictures).

DON’T: try to control everyone and everything every second in every location you arrive. That is literally impossible and genuinely exhausting. Remember: good Greece photoshoot management does not always require micromanagement. Being a control freak prevents you from becoming a queen of your own Santorini dress photoshoot. Even when something goes a bit different than planned, be flexible, and don’t forget your central task is to enjoy the occasion rather than obsess with details.

Those who really wish to let go of the issues of arranging a private flying dress photoshoot in Santorini will appreciate our attractive Santorini Dress photoshoot prices. Let the professional team do their best and indulge yourself in the role of a beauty queen on your Santorini vacation.

2. “Stay calm and … glare with joy”

DO: relax and make the occasion as stress-free as possible. Your emotions and positive atmosphere before and during the flying dress photoshoot in Santorini are crucial. Also, make sure all the family members or friends in Santorini are aware of that in advance (and one day doesn’t count). They should be ready for the upcoming event, otherwise, your pleasant surprise may be a real strain for them.

DON’T: let petty quarrels or personal issues get in the way of getting the most out of your flying dress Santorini photoshoot. Remember that your moody mimics may ruin the joy of the occasion, the look on your face, and, naturally, the pictures themselves.

3. “Choose your team wisely”


Step 1: check out our guide on choosing a good Santorini photographer. Step 2: keep our tips in mind while you synchronize the tasks you set for the photographer and the styling/makeup and hair team. Finally, consider the all-in-one offers we suggest for those who cherish their time and efforts.

Also, try to be polite and genuine in your cooperation with the team you hire – respect and sincerity go a long way.

DON’T: forget about approving all the requests and specifications beforehand. Terms, time limits, Santorini flying dress photoshoot price, deadlines, number of photos, photo-editing, number of locations or looks involved, additional services or nuances e.g. shooting a proposal should remain a surprise only for the bride while the rest of the team has to be alert to for capture these unique moments).

4. “A flying dress is your biggest ace”</