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Dress Photoshoot on the Beach. How to Choose a Good Santorini Photographer

Santorini vacation is an incredible idea and certainly, you would like to capture such bright moments of life. To keep them in the best shape, we recommend doing a check of photographers in Santorini to choose the most appropriate for your photoshoot in Greece.

To make it easier for you to make the choice of your photographer in Santorini, we recommend reading a brief guide, which contains the most basic points that are worth paying attention to.

1. Photography portfolio

A portfolio is a visiting card of all Santorini photographers, here you will see the best works of masters. If in the process of studying pictures you’ll have a feeling of lack of harmony, you do not observe the unity of style, then it is better to look for another Santorini professional photographer. For example, you prefer bright, cheerful photos, and in the portfolio, you see mostly melancholic black and white shots. In this case, your cooperation is unlikely to bring the desired results.

More specifically, when studying a portfolio, you need to pay attention to the following details:

  • What do people look like in the photo? This is about naturalness. If in each portrait shot you see feigned emotions, strained smiles, and tension fill the entire space of the picture, then most likely the result of your photoshoot will be not the best. A professional photographer Santorini will find an approach even to constrained clients.

  • Photo quality. All photographers in Santorini, Greece expose their photos to editing. Someone does only light and color correction, someone retouches. But there are also such "masters" who are engaged in active photomontage and are not very skillful (they try to correct the flaws of the outfit, hairstyle, or makeup, remove or add a background, correct the figure or oval of the face).

  • A variety of photoshoot model poses. Every photographer in Greece is a personality. If in the portfolio all photo shoot poses in the same manner, most likely the concept of an individual approach is not familiar to the photographer. In this case, get ready to repeat different poses for photoshoot that already have seen in other portfolios and haven’t counted on the choice of angles that will emphasize the advantages of your figure and hide its flaws.

  • The photoshoot locations. Do you want a photoshoot in nature, against the backdrop of the setting sun, and the photographer Santorini has only studio photos in the portfolio? Well, then, probably, your relationship is unlikely to work out.

photographer santorini greece

2. Photoshoot experience

This criterion is not the main one when hire a photographer in Santorini, but it cannot be completely ignored either. Experience allows you to quickly find an approach to different models, look for a special angle, and to notice the "zest" of the landscape. A professional photographer already knows at the stage of photographing exactly what result will get. The master has all the necessary equipment. At the same time, a beginner may offer some fresh ideas and a non-standard look at everyday things.

3. Style of work

  • It is important to pay close attention to the type of photoshoot for which you find a photographer in Santorini, Greece. Let's imagine you need a Santorini family photoshoot, and you choose a professional who specializes exclusively in photographing children's parties. Perhaps he/she will cope well with the task. But it is better to invite a photographer with the required narrow specialization.

  • The second most important nuance is the photographer's style. Pay attention to what angles he/she chooses, how shoots and how edits the shots. Evaluate these aspects before agreeing on your photoshoot in Santorini.

Search the photographer's website or social media (blog) for a series of photos. To understand the style of photoshoot style and photos that you will receive as a result, it is important to view not one or two, but a whole series of shots from one photoshoot, to understand whether the work of this specialist is close to you.

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4. Santorini photoshoot price

Santorini photographer price is a sensitive issue. It is worth highlighting two axioms right away: high-quality shots cannot be cheap and the high cost of services cannot be a 100% guarantee of their quality. It is important to understand that, using the services of a certain Santorini photographer, you are not paying for the fact that he spent a couple of hours in your company while pressing the camera button. You pay for a high-quality author's product, which is based on the vision of your chosen photographer.

5. Social media