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Group Photoshoot

Flying dress group photoshoot is a brilliant opportunity to spend time, capture wonderful moments and get group glamour shots.

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group prices



helping to make the dress fly

Pictures retouched

4 per person

Pictures color corrected

6 per person

All photo previews

within 14 days after the photoshoot

Terms of editing

up to 30 days
(since our team gets the final selection from the whole group)

Dresses not included

Must be ordered for each lady participating in the shoot (sharing of one dress for several ladies is not possible). The price for each dress is according to the catalog with a 10% discount)

Important notes

  • Each girl from the group will receive individual pictures. Group pictures can be done under demand. For pictures of the whole group the photographer and manager should be notified in advance in order to be able to organise it correctly. If you want a picture of the whole group that will be possible at the very end of the photoshoot or at the very beginning of it.

  • The group must have a coordinator (he may not be on the island). The coordinator is responsible for:
    - coordination of shooting details before the photoshoot
    - signing the contract and paying the deposit
    - coordination on the day of shooting
    - sending photo previews to a group, collecting a the selected pictures from each member of the group, sending ready-made photos to a group
    Please note: photos will be started to be edited only when all the girls have made a choice!

  • please note that in order to book a contract, we definitely need a list of names of participants with their clothing sizes and dresses chosen by them

  • Due to the specificity of the island, it won't be possible to shoot groups bigger than 3-4 persons at one time since walking in the tiny streets of Santorini with such a big group is very uncomfortable for the group itself and for people trying to have rest in a quiet area of the hotels around. For this reason, a kind of schedule for the shoot has to be made: the entire group must be divided into several parts of 3-4 people. After one part has finished the shoot another part arrives.


  • In order to save time for the group if it's limited, you can order 2 or 3 photoshoots which can be held at the same time parallelly with different photographers. In this case, the price of each shoot will be counted as a separate shoot.

  • The number of people is calculated for all participants in the shooting who want to shoot individually (both men and women)

can be added to any package

Additional hour

+250€ also adds 15 extra pictures for color correction and 6 for retouch

Additional dress

according to the catalogue


Confidentiality maintain

any photo publications and copyright by the author will be prohibited +200€

Retro car or hourse

for a photoshoot on demand



first 2 hours +600€, each extra hour +250€, turn around ~ 3 months


to help with dress throwing

60€ per hour



basic retouching (skin blemishes) +5€/photo, artistic retouching +10€/photo


100€ for ordering and delivery for the shoot + price of the balloons

Short slo-mo video

for Instagram

+100€ per hour



with a car (simple small car or minivan) from 60€ per hour


Faster editing

within 10 days



makeup or hair separately on demand +300€, early start (before 8 am) +50€


giving photos in RAW format +200€


Last-minute booking

1 day before or same day +15% to the total price of the shoot

How it works


You receive all photo previews with light color correction within 14 days after the shooting.


Choose the most liked photos for artistic retouching and color correction >> send us their names.


Receive ready photos in the original resolution by the Dropbox link.

You need to sign a contract and make a 25-50% deposit online by card to book a photoshoot.

It will guarantee your date's reservation for you and the photographer.

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