Wedding in Santorini. Insightful Photoshoot Preparation Checklist

A wedding is one of the happiest and most heartwarming moments in every couple's life – especially the Santorini wedding, which looks like a fairy tale for each woman. Everybody wants to remember that wonderful day for a long time, and the wedding photoshoot will help you! Even after many years of reviewing wedding photos, you can remember the vivid memories, and impressions of the beginning of life together and admire the beauty of Santorini island.

For getting amazing Santorini wedding photos, you need to make serious preparation for the photoshoot: choose the best wedding photographer, photoshoot locations, dresses for wedding photoshoot, and determine the photo shoot concept. To simplify your preps, we have prepared the ultimate wedding photography preparation checklist:

1. How to choose a Santorini wedding photographer?

In order not to lose valuable shots, a photographer should be a true professional, have good photo equipment, creative thinking, and importantly, a great sense of humor.

Here are 4 options for choosing the best Santorini photographer:

  • Portfolio

In the first place, of course, wedding photography examples. For instance, if you do not like even one wedding photo, you should not rely on this photographer, even if the photoshoot price is not expensive!

  • The attitude

Attitude towards work is also very important. The attitude sounds right when you get the shots from your Santorini wedding ceremony in time when your photos are processed as carefully as the other photos in the portfolio, and this is when all your wishes were heard. How should you determine these parameters? First of all, rely on the Internet. By reviews, by the photographer's mentions on other resources, like Facebook, TripAdvisor, or Google. As an example, here is Santorini Dress photoshoot review.

  • Equipment

Professional photography equipment allows the implementation of all photoshoot ideas and creative techniques. Budget equipment, even in skilled hands, will never give such a result as a professional one. What you can take off with a good lens, never take off with a cheap one.

  • Santorini photoshoot price