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Maternity Photoshoot Ideas. Guide On How To Get Beautiful Pregnant Photos

Pregnancy is an emotional and exciting period, the memories of which you want to keep forever. A maternity photoshoot is a great opportunity to create cute pregnant pictures that reflect the magical waiting time of the baby and convey the love and happiness of future parents. In this article, we have collected the best maternity photoshoot ideas with detailed descriptions and shots that will definitely come in handy and inspire you to take wonderful photos.

1. Pregnancy photoshoot ideas with husband

The husband's participation in the pregnancy photo session is a great idea that can give the pictures maximum tenderness and love. A few simple and effective tips on how to help a man loosen up and learn to pose you may find in this article.

2. Pregnancy photoshoot ideas with husband and child

Family photos of a pregnant woman with older children look incredibly cute! A child who will soon have a brother or sister will participate in such a shooting with great pleasure. Agree that the shots where the child hugs and kisses the tummy of the expectant mother are very cute and heart-melting!

We highly recommend thinking about the family maternity photoshoot outfit and checking more ideas for family photoshoot. A photo session with children can be arranged in the studio, at home, or in nature. Regardless of the location, these photos will be your favorites!

family maternity photo

3. Maternity sunset photos

One of the most beautiful and unusual maternity photoshoot ideas is to make the shooting of pregnancy can be obtained at sunset and after sunset. For the lighting in your pictures to be the most fabulous, choose a location in an open area: a field, a bay, an embankment, or a bridge. Tall trees mustn't block the setting sun. After sunset, when the light is no longer sufficient for portraits, it is best to shoot in profile: this is the ideal angle for shooting the expectant mother. The last rays of the sun will accentuate your tummy for beautiful silhouette photos. If you’re planning a photoshoot in Santorini we recommend you explore the best secret spots for a pregnant sunset shooting in this article.

4. Pregnancy photoshoot by the sea

Many couples, expecting a baby, go to rest, and this is a good opportunity to have a pregnancy photo session on the beach. For such shooting, choose a secluded beach and the most beautiful time – the golden hour before sunset or at daylight. The tender sunlight will illuminate your faces evenly, reflect in the water and create a stunning glow in your hair. You can get inspired by the pictures of maternity photoshoots of our wonderful clients by clicking here.

5. Maternity photography in natural

If you are on Santorini vacation, we advise you to capture this moment and take beautiful pregnancy photos. Natural light, blue domes, views of the Aegean Sea, and Santorini Caldera create a fabulous atmosphere for a "waiting for a miracle" photoshoot.

Poses for maternity photoshoot

It's not a secret that poses for pregnant photos are slightly different. If only because the expectant mother and her child may not be entirely comfortable in the usual position. Yes, and it will not be possible to successfully demonstrate a cute tummy from any angle.

  1. Look into the camera, gently hugging your belly with your hands.

  2. The Three Quarters and Profile angles will help you to show your pregnant tummy.

  3. If you decide to arrange a photo session in the early stages of pregnancy, then it is better to turn to the camera in half a turn.

  4. Sit on your legs, bend them, and tilt your head slightly towards your stomach, as if talking to a baby.

  5. Sit and stretch your legs with your knees bent slightly. The arm you are leaning on must remain straight. If you have large legs, skip this pose.

  6. “Reclining on your side, leaning your elbows on your hand” is one of the most successful ways to demonstrate smooth body shapes. Change the position of your head and a free hand.

Maternity photo shoot outfits

Usually, in a 2-hour photo session, it is possible to shoot about 4 outfits. Therefore, it is necessary to have at your disposal a sufficient number of clothing sets. We recommend thinking about a pregnancy photoshoot dress in advance and choosing options that are the most comfortable and attractive for you. It is also better to choose images of different styles to express your individuality as much as possible.