Wedding Proposal Santorini. The Best Way to Propose to a Girlfriend

A marriage proposal is a special and heartwarming moment that both of you would like to remember and capture forever. The romantic photoshoot is the greatest way to ask your girlfriend to be with you for the rest of your life and make it memorable.

We’ve prepared a step-by-step guide that will help you to arrange the most perfect proposal photo session.

1. Choose a special place

Special moments usually happen in special places. Try to choose a location that has a particular meaning for both of you: your first country together or a dream destination.

If it’s difficult for you to choose, we recommend considering Santorini vacation as a great occasion for proposal. Sapphire domes, whitewashed houses and sea waves are the best photo background.

2. Decide on the clothes

Clothes are not just a detail but a key element that creates a photoshoot concept. Moreover, it’s a very important moment in your couple's life, so make sure that everything is perfect.

If you’re planning to choose Santorini island, we can recommend you renting a famous flying dress for your beloved. First of all, she will be surprised by the idea of this decision. Second of all, if you’re going on vacation to Greece, dress rental would be a more convenient choice.

SantoriniDress rental is an official flying dress company that offers you a wide range of options, so you can get your girlfriend’s favourite color and style.

3. Discuss details with a photographer

One of the most important points of an amazing proposal photo session is to be on the same wavelength as the photographer. Here are some topics you should discuss in advance:

  • Surprise — in secret photoshoot it’s important not to spoil the intrigue. Make sure that the photographer knows about your intentions and will support them.

  • Concept — no matter what country or location will you choose, it’s important to have a general concept. For example, you can arrange a sunset photoshoot. Ideas for this type of photo session you can find in the article about the best Santorini sunset locations.

  • The right moment — agree on a place and moment when you will actually propose. It’s important for you and photographer to be ready for it and do everything according to the plan.

If we’ve managed to convince you that Santorini photoshoot is the best way to propose to your girlfriend, it’s time to make some preparations. Follow our guide and your precious moments will delight you and your partner all your life.

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