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Walking Tour in Santorini

Walking through the streets of Santorini, every tourist discovers new emotions and feelings for himself.

You will feel how the winds sing along the narrow green passages, the landscapes in the upward view will touch you to the core. This Greek island attracts with its beauty and diversity, and hiking is the best way to feel its atmosphere, soak up its vibe and discover it for real.

Trail map to get to know the area, which is both enchanting and uplifting

When going on walking tours around the island, imagine a map on which you should visit important places. It is worth starting from the heart of Santorini - Fira. This is an extravaganza city located on a steep volcano crater. While walking through its streets, you can enjoy the scenery from the viewing areas, and visit the ancient stairs and narrow passages.

Then head to the village of Oia, famous for its exquisite architecture and stunning scenery. Your walk will include passing through narrow streets, opening a panorama of the Aegean coast and white houses in a minimalist style. The trip must include the western part of the island, where you will find unique stone beaches. A walk to these natural wonders will be an exciting adventure. Here you can enjoy the natural beauty, feel the volcanic minerals under your feet, curiously look at the differences in the coastal landscape, and arrange a romantic photoshoot. You can learn more about this possibility on our website.

Tasting history and culture during hiking in Santorini

Visit Neak Kamini volcano, feel the adventure spirit and learn more about the Santorini volcanic heritage. You will be able to enjoy not only the natural beauty, but also to taste the island’s history and culture during the walking tours. Stop in the local shops on the streets, as well as visit museums and archaeological places that will tell about the island’s life and history.

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