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Villa Katikies in Santorini

Villa Katikies is located on the Oia Rock slopes of the magical Santorini island, overlooking the noble

caldera. This small paradise is well-known for its versatility: beautiful beaches, breathtaking sunsets, and traditional architecture that is full of history. This is a place where true beauty meets myths and romance. The unique atmosphere is created by white houses scattering along the steep coast.

A touch of luxury and hospitality in a hotel in Greece

If you are looking for an exclusive place to stay where nature, picturesque beaches, and crystal clear water are mesmerizing, stay at Villa Katikies. It is a small cluster of seven idyllic private villas beautifully designed in traditional Cycladic architecture and contemporary style, combining these outstanding luxury villas in Greece. Your trip to Santorini and your stay at Villa Katikies will become the brightest chapter in the book of your life. And it will be complemented by shots from a photo shoot in one of the popular photoshoot locations. You can choose the place on our website, which contains a detailed description of the trip to Santorini, its attractions, the best restaurants, beaches, and clubs, as well as how to get there, ticket prices, etc.

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