Santorini Wedding. Photoshoot Preparation Checklist

A wedding is one of the happiest and most heartwarming moments in the life of every couple. Especially, getting married in Santorini Greece equals having a perfect wedding. Everybody wants to keep in memory that wonderful day for a long time, and the wedding photoshoot will help you!. Even after many years reviewing the photos, you can remember the vivid emotions, impressions of the beginning life together and admire the beauty of Santorini island.

For getting amazing pictures, you need to seriously prepare for a photo session: choose a photographer in Santorini, location, flying dress and determine the style of the shooting.

1. What a wedding photographer should be?

In order not to lose valuable shots, a photographer should be the true professional, have good photo equipment, creative thinking and, importantly, a great sense of humor.

Here are 4 options for choosing a photographer:

• Portfolio

In the first place, of course, portfolio. For example, if you don’t like the photo, you shouldn’t rely on a photographer, even if it’s not expensive!

• The attitude

Attitude towards work is also very important. The attitude sounds right when you get the material in time, this is when your photos are processed as carefully as the other photos in the portfolio, this is when they listen to all of your wishes. How should you determine these parameters? First of all, the Internet. By reviews, by the mention of the photographer on other resources.

• Technics

Professional technology allows you to implement some ideas and creative techniques. Budget technology, even in skilled hands, will never give such a result as a professional one. What you can take off with a good lens, never take off with cheap.

• Price

Not always high price means appropriate quality. On the other hand, a good photographer will not shoot for free either. Therefore - in the first place is the portfolio, and then the price.

2. Location

The next step in preparation is choosing a location for the photoshoot. A wedding photo session will be ideal if you follow the next advice:

  • Choosing a photoshoot concept

If the groom and the bride prefer reportage photos, you can go to the main attractions of the city, then you will get alive pictures. On the contrary, if the preference is given to staged photos, you should choose the quiet and picturesque corners of parks and suburbs, where no one will disturb the couple. If your shooting will be held in Santorini, we would recommend you to look at the Best Santorini Locations For A Sunset Photoshoot.

  • A preliminary visit to the place of the photo session

For newlyweds’ photoshooting, you need to think about all the details. It is necessary to study the venue in advance, to determine the most interesting places and angles with the photographer. A photo walk differs from a studio unpredictability of conditions, and weather forecasts are deceiving, we advise you to prepare for any situation.

3. Choose clothes

For a special moment - you need a special dress. We recommend you to rent a flying wedding dress for a photoshoot. Firstly, on your most important day, you will look especially fabulous. Secondly, if you are making a wedding in Santorini, renting a dress will be the most convenient option. SantoriniDress rental is an official company that offers a wide range of dresses, both ordinary and wedding. The checklist for a perfect dress can help you to choose the best one.

4. Rehearse poses in front of the mirror

Training will help determine winning angles. This exercise is necessary not only and not so much for determining angles – a good wedding photographer will easily determine. The most useful is to gain experience in posing, just a little bit. Even better to conduct a trial photo session Love Story.

The main thing during taking pictures is easiness. Remember, it is better to take photos when you are not stressed, so do not squeeze out unnatural poses, especially if you feel uncomfortable in them. Try to relax at the shooting. And forget about all the chores. Remember, the only important thing is both of you and your love - everything else will wait!

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