Santorini Love Story Photoshooting Guide

A love story is a great way to capture your feelings. If the wedding is yet to come or a solemn event has already taken place, lovers will appreciate the opportunity to order a photo session. Also, this is the best way to make a wedding proposal to your beloved.

A love story photoshoot may be whichever you want. Much depends on the nature of the couple, on their preferences and mood. Ideas can be offered by the photographer. But, as a rule, a professional selects options taking into account the wishes and characteristics of each particular pair. The nature of photography depends largely on the venue. Here are the tips for your perfect shooting:

• A love story in the city – an impressive photo session along the streets of Fira

During such a photoshoot, it is easy to create a variety of images and capture truly interesting shots. For example, two loving people amid the bustling city bustle. Beautiful storylines are not difficult to beat against the background of the old streets of Fira, squares or other places of interest in Santorini.

The interiors of cafes and shops are suitable as decorations. Even the usual lonely shop against the background of a snow-white house will become an important detail, emphasizing the originality of the photos of lovers.

• Spectacular shooting against the backdrop of natural landscapes of Santorini – photo tour of beautiful places and untouched nature trails

The beauty of the nature of this island is difficult to overshadow, it can only be enhanced by combining with the genuine charm of sincere mutual love.

A wonderful couple, subtle feelings, all this can be easily shaded with the help of the gorgeous natural landscapes that Santorini's surroundings are rich in. Love – the photo on the background of the sea, mountains and volcanic beaches is truly impressive.

• A series of photos in the old style as a background – old buildings on the streets of Oia

One of the popular attractions of Oia are windmills, which are ordinary traditional mechanisms for grinding grain. They are not so remarkable for their appearance as for their quantity, and everything rises above the small houses of residents. The mills are painted white, as the surrounding urban buildings. They are especially beautiful during the sunset, so at this time tourists are armed with cameras to capture the evening beauty of the mills.

Windmills and the legendary white houses with a blue roof are excellent decorations for taking photographs that are amazing in their beauty and richness.

• Relaxation by the water for two – the scene on the shores of the Aegean Sea in Santorini

This is an unsurpassed version of the classic of creating pictures for love stories. Only you, calm water and your love. The azure sky is the witness of your sensual hugs and kisses. Expressive shots of walks on the water or sensual kisses on the beach, as in the popular film, will make your heart tremble. Incredible images against the backdrop of the sunset are going into the water - this is not just cute, it is truly charming and spectacular! The best places for a Santorini photoshoot at sunset you can find out from this article. Particularly charming sunset photographs are obtained in a flying dress.

The scenery and images can be anything! One thing is important – the authenticity and depth of feelings, which only a true master of photography can capture.