Quick Tips on How to Help Your Man to Become the Best Model

You have a romantic photoshoot with your man and everything should be perfect. But he looks nervous, doesn’t know how to pose and behaves super unnaturally. You know exactly what we mean, don’t you? That’s why we prepared some tips, how to help your man to relax and enjoy a photo session.

Unfortunately, a lot of guys feel rather uncomfortable in front of the camera and the process of shooting can become real stress not only for them, but also for the photographer, and even for you. Unlike girls, it can be very difficult for boys to relax in front of the camera. Therefore, usually in the photo, they prefer just to stand at attention. However, many problems can be avoided if you prepare in advance.

Remember, if your boyfriend takes part in a photo session, your task is to do everything for him feeling comfortable.

1. Practice posing before the photoshoot

Do you want to help your man feel more comfortable on set? Invite him to familiarize himself with successful poses in advance:

• Don’t strain all the muscles of the body and try to look brutal. The best way to emphasize masculinity is to look confident. The facial expression should be calm.

• If he wants to emphasize favorably the masculinity of the figure, he needs to stand so that the shoulders are turned towards the camera, but the hips are slightly turned to the side. Don’t forget about one important thing: not to overdo it.

• How to look confident? Just look at the same side where the face is turned. Looking away to the side adds an image of playfulness and creates the illusion of embarrassment. For a male photoshoot, such images are far from always appropriate.

• Do not stay in one pose for a long time. Change your poses, change your emotions, smile, look seriously, turn your head to the side. The photographer will catch successful shots himself. If he wants to take several pictures in one pose, he will ask you to stand still or return to a specific position.

2. Together determine the location for the shoot

The best place for wedding photoshoots is Fira or Imerovigli. Also, a beautiful love story shooting can be done in Oia (closer to Finikia) and the village of Profitis Ilias in Pyrgos. More ideas you can find in the article about the best Santorini locations for a sunset photoshoot.

3. Think about the image and prepare clothes

The fact that guys do not need to pick up makeup and especially think about the hairstyle, does not mean that it will be possible a couple of hours before shooting just to get the first one that came from the closet. Clothing is an important part if he wants to appear in front of the photographer in some specific way. For example, you can wear a gorgeous flying dress and he can wear a suit.

4. Adjust yourself properly

In which point it is important for both the men and you. It is worth knowing in advance that even if the shooting lasts only an hour and a half, by the end he will feel tired. This is normal. Photo session is an exhilarating affair. We need to understand this. So you should try to calm down, take yourself in hand and trust the photographer. In most cases, all of the shooting heroes are satisfied with the fact that they decided on this matter and overcame themselves.

If you know that the man is afraid of a camera, help him overcome this fear. In this case, of course, it is not worth arranging such an event as a surprise; it is better to discuss and coordinate everything together in advance. As a rule, even those guys who were panicky afraid of filming, after such photoshoots, are very satisfied: they managed to overcome their fear. Well, good professional shots are a nice bonus.

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