How to Organize a Magical Santorini Wedding. Detailed Wedding Planner

Are you dreaming of getting married in Santorini? This island looks like a paradise and perfect wedding venue! It is unusual for its picturesque landscapes, combining the colors of perfectly white houses, a clear sky, and the deep blue sea. The Santorini wedding is truly a fairy tale in reality for newlyweds. Lovers from all over the world plan their journey long before the cherished date because the popularity of this place makes it quite visited by future spouses.

For the Santorini island wedding to go perfectly, you need to take into account many nuances and plan your event well.

Step 1. Decide on a Santorini wedding cost and number of guests

No matter how trite it may sound, most importantly, determine your budget. Based on this, you can already plan how many people you can invite, which wedding venue to choose (prices are widely different), how many hours to order a Santorini wedding photographer, and whether to book a restaurant or just sit in a cafe after the wedding ceremony, etc.

The number of people is also important: some Santorini wedding venues can accommodate only 7-10 guests, and for a more magnificent wedding, you need to choose a larger one. The same if you book a restaurant.

However, we advise checking and comparing different Santorini wedding packages and choosing the most appropriate for you.

Step 2. Search for a wedding agency

What could be more pleasant than holding a wedding in Santorini, because the agency is almost completely involved in the organization: bouquets, church reservations, payment of taxes and fees, a stylist for the bride, renting a car, sweets, fruits, and alcohol, rose petal baskets, music, wedding photographer services, and videographer. If you want to make some adjustments to any of the points, then it is worth informing the agents in advance, and preferably immediately during the first visit.

You can choose 2 options:

  • Go to a travel or wedding agency, which organizes weddings abroad (in your own country). The main pros are that you can come and discuss it in person. Cons: in any case, this will be the intermediary, since the Greek agency will deal with the organization of the wedding, and the intermediary will take its percentage. In this case, a wedding in Santorini cost will be an order of magnitude higher.