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History & Interesting Facts about Santorini

Did you know that the island of Santorini is not a single entity? It consists of a group of 5 volcanic

islands arranged in a circular shape in the Aegean Sea. What we can see today are the remnants of a magnificent island that suffered destruction due to a volcanic eruption. We share more about this and many other things on the pages of our online guide. Do you want to learn more about Santorini's history?

Would you like to discover more interesting information about this paradise island in Greece?

Santorini is an island in Greece with a rich history that has left its mark on its cultural and geological landscape. Intriguing historical facts only enhance the attractiveness of this beautiful place for tourists and explorers. This place has had various owners, including Phoenicians, Dorians, Athenians, Romans, Byzantines, and the Ottoman Empire.

Would you like to know a few more facts about Santorini? At different times, the local people have always tried to preserve the island's distinctiveness. On one challenging night for the Greek nation, they painted all the churches and many secular buildings in the colors of Greece's national flag. Since then, tourists have noticed that the predominant colors here are white and blue. There is no urban development plan here either. The houses on the caldera side are dug into the ground and built on different levels so that one house's courtyard is another's roof.

Are you planning a trip to this volcanic Greek island?

There are no natural freshwater sources on Santorini, and locals jokingly call it the "island with more churches than houses, more wine than water, and fewer people than donkeys." Traveling around it, you can enjoy nature's beauty and immerse yourself in the captivating world of history and legends. We invite you to visit it and capture memorable photos in popular photoshoot locations. You will find more interesting insights on the pages of our website.

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