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Famous Museums in Dubai

People go on a trip to Dubai not only for beach entertainment and visiting famous locations of the

world. People come here to learn more about the architecture and cultural diversity of the UAE, values, history, aspirations. One of the ways to do this is to visit museums that reveal the essence of the Arab country. If you are interested in this type of entertainment, we suggest adding some of them to the list of visits.

The list of museums that reveal the values of the United Arab Emirates

The museums reflect the multifaceted nature of Dubai and its ability to preserve and reproduce the history and modernity of the city through various aspects of culture, art and science. By visiting them, you will have the opportunity to understand this unique city and its heritage better. So it is worth visiting the top place in UAE:

  • Museum of Illusions – you will enter a world that will blow your mind but also give you an opportunity to learn all sorts of things;

  • Etihad Museum – exhibits are presented here that tell about the history and traditions of Dubai, including displays of life in the city before the oil era;

  • Museum Of The Future – explores human potential and possibilities for the future, prototypes of futuristic technologies, visit a DNA library, check out a mixed reality recreation of the Amazon rainforest, and attend a talk by renowned innovators or scientists. Here you will get acquainted with modern technologies that can change the world in the future;

  • Al Shindagha Museum in Dubai – tells the universal tale of human innovation, resilience, and the desire for progress, shaping the city of today.

Do you want to shoot in the best free place in the city?

Many of the listed museums act as photoshoot locations. We suggest you hold a photo session in the chosen place you like the most, using a flying dress to complete the image. As a result, you will receive incredible photo cards with a panorama of the majestic city, the endless sea, and the snow-white sea coast. More detailed information is on the pages of our website.

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