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Dubai Currency Exchange Rate

We warn you to focus on the presented currency rate in Dubai only for a general understanding

of the economic situation. It is necessary to exchange money after learning in advance the current rates in the country at the time of the exchange. So, the national monetary unit of the UAE is the dirham, which was put into circulation only in 1973. These bright and exciting banknotes can be obtained by exchanging your own dollars, euros, or other currency at specialized exchange points.

What is the current situation with the exchange rate at the moment? First, let's explain that this is an expression of the price of one country's currency in another. For example, 1 USD is 3.67 AED as of December 2022. 1 EUR - 3.85 AED. 1 PLN - 0.82 AED. This is a reasonably common currency, so there will be no problems exchanging it in another country.

If you want to use the services of the santorinidress service, you can pay in a currency convenient for you or use online banking. Also, our website has prepared a guide where you can leave money and get unforgettable vacation impressions. We will be glad to be helpful to you.

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