Best Beaches in Santorini. Perfect Santorini Photo Spots to Take Flying Dress Pictures

Santorini is a volcanic island in the Mediterranean. Thanks to volcanic rocks there are sands of rare shades, from pink to black on the Santorini beaches. The island will delight you with its Santorini Greek cuisine, the azure sea, and beautiful architecture, a characteristic element of which is white and blue buildings. All together creates a unique and enchanting image of Santorini island. Our overview rating of the best Santorini beaches will help you determine the vacation destination that suits you.

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1. Kamari Beach

It is one of the top beaches in Santorini – the most famous and especially popular among vacationers. Its name is pronounced with emphasis on the second syllable. It is connected with a small arch, which can still be seen on the southern edge of the beach. According to legend, these are the remains of the sanctuary dedicated to Poseidon. This scenic area is a real business card of this Greek island with blue roofs. The crowded coast with exotic black pebbles is one of the most recognizable landscapes in the photo.

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