In our opinion, this is the most beautiful village on the whole island. It's very peaceful, not overcrowded by tourists yet, and has so many amazing locations to shoot, including a church with blue domes, bougainvillea flowers in summertime, and lots of white houses on the cliff.

Also, it's one of the best places for sunset photoshoots. This place is also the most popular and highly recommended for our shoots.

Please mind that:

the blue dome hides in a shadow approximately 1 hour before the sunset, depending on the season, so the sunset photoshoot is impossible to combine with it.

also the blue dome is a private church and it's impossible anymore to climb on it. It has also been ruined in the last few years and reconstruction hasn't been done yet. For this reason, we only recommend taking some pictures around it.

the bougainvillea flowers blossom from approximately the end of June to middle September.